Very strange - that you found me here. In this hot and lonesome desert. Nevertheless come in and join me! Welcome on the homepage of Karl Ulrich Voss.

Hope you will be enjoying you!

My special and cordial offer, partly in English (where there are links below; for the other items you would have to try to translate my German page):

A. My political wishing well 2000+

B. A good packing of my reader's letters (more letters you will find on my German page - but you would have to try your command on German): Write some on your own!

C. Reform of democracy:

B 1. 50 years of German Basic Law: the year-1999-problem.

B 2. Democracy scrutinized

B 3. Our places of interest: The port and the castle. And the wholy hill.

D. Reunification: Germania est omnis divisa... German internal unity, when will it finally come?

E. Foreign and military politics following Immanuel Kant: Categorical, lasting, calculable and no longer ad hoc.

D 1. Peace in Kosovo: And the lessons learned from three months of war?

D 2. A letter to President Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad, answering his letter to President George W. Bush

D 2. Items for a German Federal Armed Forces function law: Lengthen overdue.

D 3. Call for the termination of the bombardment of Yugoslavia: Just as important as outrageous.

D 4. 12 theses to the difference between military and democratic capability (it's more the military capability citizens are thought to be fit for)

D 5. Constitutional state ad hoc? (essay of April 2007)

F. Falling in love with a unicycle at the age of fifty-six


G. Anatomy and surgery of the good old action-man: Quite dramatical or: how to repair toys, have fun and save some cash?

H. lots of Christmas greetings.


To enhance the comfort of understanding I am presently translating my homepage. But it will take some time, till it's done completely. I'll be very thankful for any hint concerning mistakes in writing or expression. Or for opinion and additional information. Just send me a Mail:

Dr. jur. Karl Ulrich Voss, Kuckenberg 34, 51399 Burscheid

Status: June 2006