Very strange - that you found me here. In this hot and lonesome desert. Nevertheless come in and join me! Welcome on the homepage of Karl Ulrich Voss. What I’m trying to express with that cartoon above? I guess there’s a big disproportion between the shiny military gear and the sort of humanitarian output of the military engagements since the beginning of the nineties: Humanity is placed very effectful on the flags and banners, it touches the voters’ hearts, but humanity is forgotten all too quickly in situations as at the Hindukush in August 2021. Or, if you prefer another explanation: We don’t really care for enough information as to the hearts and minds of the peoples we pledge to promote according to our way of life, that we would guarantee a sustainable and specific development of said countries and regions. Even shorter: We are very quick and strong to fight enemies and destabilize countries. But we seem to be very poor in building up societies in an unselfish and empathic way, fairly considering local histories, cultures, and identities.

Which is why a systematic approach to assess German – and Western – foreign military engagements seems to be very fruitful (see under C. 1).

My special and cordial offer, partly in English. If you like: See further on my German page.

A. My political wishing well 2000+  

B. A good packing of my reader's letters. There are some more to be found on my German page…

C. Foreign and military politics following Immanuel Kant: Categorical, lasting, calculable and no longer ad hoc.

C. 1    An approach to assess German foreign military engagements, especially after the Hindukush disaster 2021
          letter to parliament, procedure & matrix for assessment

C. 2         Peace in Kosovo: And the lessons learned from three months of war?

C. 3.     A letter to President Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad, answering his letter to President George W. Bush

C. 4 Constitutional state ad hoc? (essay of April 2007

D. Falling in love with a unicycle – at the age of fifty-six


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